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We focus on OpenAPI innovators
for the next digital economy

Every successful transaction we deliver, every innovation we make.

We are ready to join 5G market
with our innovative edge device - Signee

Saving cost and time by transforming from traditional solutions to cloud services is Signee's mission to accomplish.

Everyone has the right
to approach nearby information

Making nearby information accessible and trustworthy to the communities is our responsibility

Enriching reallife with pure nearby information

The next generation of the real-life digital economy.

Accelerating business life for the next digital economy

The sharing economy benefits all parties, in real-time

  • The party that drives innovation:


  • The beneficiary of innovation


Nearby Buyers

From apprenticeships to finding a job; buying & selling; accommodation to buying a house. All nearby.

Near-by Communicators

Hyperlocal distribution, sales & advertising through local digital advertisers. It's here!

Sharing Benefits

Sharing economy defined by API innovators of trusted Brand, trusted location. Cross sales is now!

Brand Geopositioning

Position your product information in parallel between online and offline to protect the genuine brand.

Enriching the digital experience offline

Continuously generate innovative ideas with our ecosystem to capture both online and offline customer experiences.

Cross API exchange

Enhance experience, increase sales, drive new value by moving through a cross-API economy with third parties.

Our Ecosystem

An open ecosystem with the endless expansion ability.

  • locators.asia

    Mobile app for receiving orders at the Point of Sale, providing manageability, controlling information, and reporting to the store manager

  • gannha.com

    Mobile app for customers to buy authentic products, make appointments and approach nearby jobs from the nearest brands.

  • signee.asia

    Smart display, 5G edge computing and IoT gateway features providing solution to interact with offline customers

  • API store

    A gateway for our open platform to develop and expand creative ideas through API.

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IoT solutions

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